oktober 7, 2018
Album artwork
oktober 4, 2018

Skateboard designs

I've been skateboarding for about 16 years now, so it has been a pleasure to be able to make a few board graphics and be a part of skateboarding from an artists perspective


Nomad skateboards

This series is inspired by some of the great conquestadors in history! From left to right we have Napoleon Bonaparte, Julius Ceasar and Charles the great

In this series i really wanted to have that traditional feel but adding a bit of color to make it stand out. The idea was to imagine what it would be like if these three great leaders would skate! I'm pretty happy with the end result and i hope you like them! Boards are for sale on

Skateshop design

This is a design i made for 100% skateshop in Eindhoven! All hand drawn 1:1

In this design i tried to incorporate as much of the city Eindhoven and it's connection to skateboarding as i could! If you look closely you can see the piazza and bijenkorf. the is the blob on the left side and the old piazza monument on the right.